Here you can read my f…(…reudian not?) interpretation of what did a provocatively sounding really want to say, but they failed :).

My interpretation is that what did they really want to say is revealed when the x variable – speaking in terms of computer languages – is assigned the right value. And the right value is ‘a‘, not the letter ‘u‘.


Because, what Dr. Lastnam* really wanted to say by “f*ck your feelings” isĀ  not that we should f u ck our feelings, but that we should (f…) acknowledge them and then do the right thing.

At least this is how I understand him and his ghost-writer after reading their inaugural posting.

On the other hand, they did f*ck up (here ‘u’ is to be inserted, though :)) their twitter post with a link

I am acknowledging it makes me feel good those Harvard asses can’t even make a decent link right ;) and I am going to do the right thing and publish my tweet with the right link. Oh, I just did it. :)