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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Jacob M. Metro Says:

    Hi Sam’s Alter:

    I am a researcher studying the effects of the double-bind on worker productivity. While your poem and flowchart aren’t explicitly related to the double-bind, you indicate a relationship that I would like to work on.

    Rather than take your knowledge and rephrase it without citation, I would like your permission to use the flow chart or a modification thereof (with full citation) as part of my research. The version I am looking at is: Please let me know if I will be authorized to use your flow chart.

    I don’t have any money with which to pay you royalties and this will be used only for inclusion in my dissertation. It will be disseminated within normal dissemination parameters for a dissertation (i.e. instructors, publishing, other cited individuals or groups). I would be willing to share the results of my research with you once it is completed.


  2. Sam Says:

    Hi, Jacob!

    You are authorized to use my flowchart in your dissertation. In fact, it is flattering to find (as such material is called by Wikipedians) the “original research” quotable in an academic text.


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