Lets do a little calculation.

An average parent makes at least one tiny mistake per day – it’s inevitable because an average one has other things to direct his/her attention to, not just parenting. I know, I am parent. If not ones’ own inner children (i.e. therapy and recovery process), then at least there is job or housework (if not both, or, all of the tree).

How many “sorry”‘s does then an average parent owe to an adult child?

If they immediately or during the day or within a reasonable delay manage to apologize for the mistakes done, then none apologies are owed. But such a parents must be exceptions to the rule.

The rest of (average) parents skip an opportunity to do it on several occasions.

Let us say it is a safe estimate to say at least once a week a parent skips an apology.

Lets multiply… once (1) x (4 weeks) x (12 months) x (18 years) = 846 skipped apologies.

A lot, isn’t it?

And remember we are talking an average (good-enough?!), i.e. non-abusive parent only…