Below you can read what we wrote under Castor Girl’s  post, but it is really our reply to the “protected” (i.e. hidden content) post.

We noticed the post is showing signs (such as being categorized/tagged under “Self injury, Suicidal ideation” etc, by herself) which tell us the inside anger was re-directed at herself instead at those who are really guilty (i.e. the ACC/et al)

Dear Castor Girl

In my opinion it is unfair (by the ACC, the legal system, the society as whole, the God) to trigger you with having to list the incidences of abuse (before allowing you to be helped).

It’s plain wrong what they are doing. They are guilty. Not you.

Please let the inside hatred be directed at them (not at yourself by self-injuring).

They deserve to be injuried (i.e. not you).

Can you express the inside hatred at them, please?

If you can not… can you at least direct the anger at me (for whatever reason) instead of self-injuring?

They should apologize to you for triggering you.