He – the host (what kind of host is he anyway?:) ) – has sold us out.  Plainly and simply.  Us –  his “beloved” (oh, come on, spend me this) alters.

He should be ashamed of himself for giving up on his – now he calls us beloved, can you imagine? – alters the very moment he saw the expression on his wife’s face, when he tried to be open with her that talking to us – his alters  – is something he was going to do, and she reproached him that it will only make him worse, more self-absorbed after he gets home because he was going to process the stuff being exchanged between the alters and him, and he was not going to be emotionally available  “here and now” for the wife and for his two sons who needed him to be their daddy when he comes home from work… That is what she said. And he agreed.

He sold us out in order to make his wife happy, and his children.

Our host however did something good, as well.

He changed our mobile phone number and so stopped the father from calling us and talking AT us instead of WITH us.

We congratulate him for that and feel relieved because he did it for us.

Thank you, host!

Hip hip hurray, hi hip hurray for the host:) hehe