The talking about “getting rid of”, “disconnecting”, “cutting ties to” used by unprofessional therapists who are NOT SPECIALIST in big trauma and DID and when working with big trauma and DID clients their words only reinforces what they already do, would better be replaced by the talk about “paying attention to”, “embracing”, “listening carefully to”….

What kind of trauma is your therapist specialist in?

What kind of trauma is your therapist specialist in?



Sam was reading the news from his RSS Reader…

and one was about new e-book reader device.

So he went to see the titles available at the manufacturer’s website,

and among the psychology titles there was this one that

I did find particularly interesting.

So I went to check it out furtherly by looking into

the book content’s and covers preview (at competition’s website).

We also googled the author and she turned to be

truly an academic/intellectual author (which pleased

our Intellectual Alter, as well – so not only The Bold One,

but other alters were satisfied with the finding :) ).

protection lifted

As it was announced in my (yesterday’s) comment under the post in which we allowed the “bad” part’s feelings to be expressed for the first time here, today is the day when we feel we are able to let The “Bad” One (not to be confused with the Bold One) express his feelings in his own voice, at his own blog. Which is not unlike when a child in family can be trusted enough to be able to have his/her own room, and does not have to be in a crib in the corner of the parents’ bedroom, anymore.

So, we proudly present our “Bad” One’s room/new blog made according to his/her own needs and preferences.

I felt it would not be fair to BTC and her readers to trigger them with my expressing the angry feelings at emotionally illiterate professional therapists over at BTC’s blog, so I will do it here, instead:

@ Dawn – Since you came here in the role of professional therapist AND were the one who has first used the extremely rude derogatory language as “pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying” instead of showing some maturer emotionally literate ways to establish contact with your prospective new clients, it revealed you as a therapist to be as low as possible on the scale of emotional literacy, the literacy without which you shouldn’t be allowed to work as professional therapist…

To conclude – instead of the client-therapist dictionary, illiterate therapists like you could really use some “Emotional literacy for completely illiterate professional therapists” guide.


Today I posted another comment along the lines of emotional literacy. Below I quote, copypaste, my comment from Kathy’s blog, here:

By implying that it was expressed instead of another (“correct”) emotion, the “correctness” ( = validity) of one particular emotion (be it anger or any other emotion) is being questioned.

And I don’t like emotions to be questioned!

They need to be acknowledged, firstly.

And, secondly, we need to learn a repertoire of creative ( = non-destructive) ways to express the emotion (all of them).

That’s all. Easier said then done, of course ;)

And another thing.

It is especially counter-productive to say to the traumatized client “you should look at the pain instead of expressing anger”. Nope! Learning creative repertoire of (non-destructive) ways to express the anger is all we need!


Here you can read my f…(…reudian not?) interpretation of what did a provocatively sounding really want to say, but they failed :).

My interpretation is that what did they really want to say is revealed when the x variable – speaking in terms of computer languages – is assigned the right value. And the right value is ‘a‘, not the letter ‘u‘.


Because, what Dr. Lastnam* really wanted to say by “f*ck your feelings” is  not that we should f u ck our feelings, but that we should (f…) acknowledge them and then do the right thing.

At least this is how I understand him and his ghost-writer after reading their inaugural posting.

On the other hand, they did f*ck up (here ‘u’ is to be inserted, though :)) their twitter post with a link

I am acknowledging it makes me feel good those Harvard asses can’t even make a decent link right ;) and I am going to do the right thing and publish my tweet with the right link. Oh, I just did it. :)

Actually it’s

NOT funny



one of our alters

changed it

to reflect

the truth

about DID

  • so, if you want the original –  funny one

and have a good laughter,

click here

otherwise proceed with caution…

The joke… not funny anymore

Q: How many alters does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Four.

One to  change be used as a means by a perpetrator changing the bulb,

one to watch the abuse,

one to deny the abuse in the name of the bulb needing to be changed exactly the way it was done,

and one to repress the associations/memories/emotions about it.

Now, try to google the joke by clicking the link
How many alters does it take to change a light bulb? (<– click)
and see
another joke
(this one made by google)

You must be joking, google, No! I did NOT mean letters

obviously making another (meta-)joke –

i.e. joke about the joke

– yourself, don’t you, Google?!? ;)